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Wedding Location and Supplier Search

Whether you are seeking a palatial or a backwater wedding venue, there are certain considerations to be kept in mind. Is the location within the budget? Is it an all-weather venue and most importantly is it easily accessible to avoid the guests from going through the hassles.

We would also pre-book the wedding location for your preferred wedding date much in advance to get a better possible deal.
There are numerous nitty-gritties that have to be pandered to. Selecting trustworthy caterers, photographers and other suppliers could be difficult if you are not a native of the place. Add to that, the hiking up of the prices by the vendors during the peak wedding season to rake in profit, which is why we always have a ready chain of suppliers to prevent our clients from paying any extra.

No matter what location you have in mind or what your budget figure is, we ensure to provide you with the best possible services.

For any further information contact us at +91-9990276262 or drop us a mail at info@memorableindianweddings.com or fill up the form below and request a consultation with preliminary costing for your destination wedding in India.

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