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Featured Real Wedding at Raas Jodhpur

We all love Destination Weddings but perhaps what’s lovelier is Intimate Destination Weddings. Majorly because the wedding is a time for utter madness and jubilation and happy tears and you would only be with your special people not get worried about getting approval from dear aunt Agatha. That being said we completely understand an intimate …

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Tanya and Emanoil – Jaipur

Every wedding has its own special story, and for Tanya and Emanoil it was that warm and all-embracing sensibility that enveloped all their wedding ceremonies, which we feel is especially underline thing for the multi-cultural weddings. Tanya is a Sikh living in UK and Emanoil, a Romanian, and their special chemistry has been incredibly captured …

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Boutique hotels/villas for your Intimate Wedding in Goa

Well to start with an intimate wedding quite understandably does not suit everyone’s palate and sometimes would be plainly not feasible owing to your guest list but if you are somewhat the discerning sorts and would rather prefer things that are niche and exclusive then we reckon wedding in a boutique hotel or a villa …

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villa wedding in goa ay shunyachi kaju varo photographed by richa kashelkar17

The bohemian villa wedding fiesta in Goa

Leaf through the photographs of a rather cool wedding of Opal and Ollie and you will catch yourself secretly wishing to have a wedding like that. There’s an element of breezy and laidback in this wedding that resonates so well with the very vibe of Goa.  The wedding destination that you choose for your wedding …

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Alice-in-Wonderland-Tea-party-Weddings Mad hatter wedding invitation

A Mad Hatter’s themed tea party

A high tea on the day of guest’s arrival or a brunch and high tea on the check out day is a great way to have a little bit more fun time with your dear ones and we wonder if there’s a better way to host it than by having a whimsical Mad Hatter’s themed …

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jewish wedding in the synagogue of Florence black and white photography by Edoardo Agresti

Seeing the world of Weddings in Black & White by Edoardo Agresti

Out of general inquisitiveness, there emerged a question between me and my colleague why don’t couples go for more of Black and White Photography in their weddings. In our quest for the answer, we reached out to Edoardo Agresti whose photography is a sheer work of art and has a sort of trance-like effect on …

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catherine and raymond destination wedding in koh smui thailand stationary themes 9

A destination wedding in Koh Samui – Catherine and Raymond

A destination wedding in Koh Samui that feels like a soft spring breeze to the heart. The texture of this gorgeous beach wedding is gentle, ethereal and flowing like a soothing musical note played on a harpsichord. The wedding was planned with the intention of having the best weekend ever; sunny smiles and happy tears …

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Cost of Planning a Wedding in Goa

Cost of Planning a Wedding in Goa – updated 2019

Out of ten wedding queries we receive, at least six wish to tie the knot at beach wedding destination Goa. And the first step is to brief on the cost of planning a wedding in Goa. That is numbers speaking why Goa is such a hot wedding destination and well otherwise too it has just …

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Luxurious Wedding Hotels in Kovalam for Beach Destination Wedding

Once upon a laid back fishing village Kovalam is now an international beach wedding destination. The beach town is located by the Arabian Sea and is silhouetted by the giant palm trees and that’s what the name Kovalam literally translates to: the grove of coconut trees. Wikipedia Trivia: It is the only international beach in …

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5 Reasons to do a Destination Wedding at Suryagarh

If you are the ones who don’t believe in Love at first sight, your belief will be strongly tested as you behold this palatial and luxurious hotel in sight. There are very few hotels which could provide an experience that in all honesty celebrate its home city, Suryagarh was conceived with this noble idea and …

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Why would you love Kerala as your wedding destination

Why would you love Kerala as your wedding destination?

Backwaters – Check. Beaches – Check. Water Falls – Check. Tea Covered Hills-Check. Houseboats – Check. Luxury Hotels – Check. Ayurvedic Spa – Check. Spices – Check. National Parks – Check. Wild Life – Check. Boat Races – Check. God’s Own Country Kerala – Double Check. We are quite sure all wedding planners and stylists …

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Yogesh Sharma MUA Jaipur

Make-up artists in Jaipur for your destination wedding

Finding the right make-up artist is by no means an easy task, it could literally give you nightmares. Especially when you are not having your wedding in the metro city, it could become even more difficult. When you are having a destination wedding, either you could fly in the make-up artist (MUA) or book a …

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23 Sikh Wedding in Florence Sepia Wedding Photography by Edorado Agresti featured on Memorable Indian Weddings

A Sikh Wedding shot in tones of Sepia that is beyond beautiful

The work of art is not just what you see but rather the feeling that it evokes. These pictures of an intimate Sikh wedding Florence at Villa Le Fontanelle, create a whirring of sweet love emotion that gradually and warmly envelopes you. If you take these photographs and hang them on a wall, the wall would come alive …

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Our pick of 5 Heritage hotels for your wedding in Jaipur

Our pick of 5 Heritage hotels for your wedding in Jaipur

The old world charms and grandeur of the forts and palaces of Jaipur are almost hypnotic, teleporting you back to the time of royal opulence. When you are planning a destination wedding in Jaipur, the choices of venues can get a little confusing as there are way too many gorgeous properties to choose from. You …

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Wedding Favors that are classis, timeless and thoughtful

Weddings favors that will bring a smile on your guest’s face

Weddings favors are no obligation, and let us not look at them like that, which we sometimes knowingly/ unknowingly tend to do. Favors are your way of saying heartfelt ‘thank you’ to your loved ones. So make them dearly special, something that not only reflects your personality but is also a little meaningful. Thoughtful gifts …

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Indian Wedding Photography Ludhiana Punjabi Marriage Pictures Jalandhar Anand Karaj Sikh Wedding Portraits Punjab 01

Sikh Wedding – A cluster of beautiful & heartwarming moments

Every moment of this Sikh Wedding is bubbling with life. Laughter and love echo through the pictures, and when it is the time for vidai, eyes are welled up. “They are not said to be husband and wife, who merely sit together. Rather they alone are called husband and wife, who have one soul in …

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thailand as indian wedding destination

Why you will love Thailand as your Indian Wedding Destination

While deciding upon your destination wedding, it is very unlikely that Thailand wouldn’t appear on the list of probable cities. Be it us, your wedding planners or you the married couples-to-be it is a unanimous choice. It is not only because Thailand has positioned itself as one of the best wedding destination over the last …

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Our pick of Luxury Weddings Hotels in Goa for your destination wedding by Memorable Indian Weddings

5 Luxurious Weddings Hotels in Goa; which is your pick

A gorgeous beach wedding in Goa awaits you.. Before we come to luxurious wedding hotels in Goa for your destination wedding, imagine balmy beaches lined with towering coconut trees, which is the quintessential definition of Goa. Though that alone could be a reason enough to lure you plan your destination wedding in Goa, but then again …

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Photos that will make you say YES to a Destination Wedding with Kids!

Destination weddings involve travel, and when you are traveling with your little ones, you might have to bear some in-flight tantrums or worse the obnoxious stares of fellow travelers. Understandable traveling with kids aint a smooth ride, but don’t let that fear deter you from bringing your kids along. The discussion of kids on wedding …

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Matters of the Heart #4

“There are millions of people in this world, but in the end it all comes down to one.” ~Nicole from Movie Crazy Beautiful #MattersOfTheHeart #QuoteRoom #WeddingQuote #MovieQuote #LoveQuote

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How much does a wedding planner in India cost?

Hey, how much a wedding planner charges in India Your heart is fixed upon India and your mind is wondering about how do I go ahead and plan my wedding in India. In situations like these, it is better to turn on to experts. We reckon you hire a destination wedding planner, need we say …

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