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A sublime Sikh wedding reminding us that a wedding above and beyond all is a spiritual journey

Once upon in a while, you chance across a heartwarming and sublime wedding story, like that of Jessie and Preeti, a sweet reminder that wedding above and beyond all is a spiritual journey. A Sikh wedding video underlining the significance of each Laava in a marriage, and the relevance of it in everyday life.

As we watched the video and read through the post we had goose bumps, and we suggest you read word by word of this tremendous post here. So we didn’t even attempt re-writing this post because we don’t think we would be able to justify it. The simplicity and honesty of the post will move you and may even get you in a little introspective mode. That is what really makes it beautiful.

Scroll down for the wonderful collection of wedding pictures captured by Buffy Goodman and put your headset on for the most gorgeous and stirring wedding video by Capture the Moment Media.


Lets end the post with an otherwise known but sometimes forgotten thought “Pretty weddings are good but its pretty marriages that are great!”

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