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As they call themselves ‘Shaadigrapher’

If you have ever browsed through few traditional wedding albums, you must have noticed how boring, monotonous and similar looking most of them are. Standard stage shots. Standard jai-maal shots. Standard (and some times ridiculously posed) dulhan shots. Standard flash light for everything. You get the idea.

We are not telling you such standard photography is not necessary. From a photo-record perspective, it is kind of convenient to have a regular studio photographer shoot such regular wedding photographs (along with a regular video-shoot). But don’t you think, your wedding deserves more than just these standard same-as-everyone-else photography? That’s where Shaadigrapher come in. We aren’t photographers really. We are artists.

They say – “Believe us, 10 or 20 years down the line, when you open your wedding album, we are pretty sure they will be pictures clicked by us, that you will love the most. That will bring back to the two of you some amazing wedding memories. Because in our pictures, you will see the real stories – not just a record of each event and each person that attended your wedding. Because in our pictures, you will see the real emotions. Because we are not just another photographer. We are Shaadigraphers.”

As they picture says a thousand words, lets go ahead and treat yourself with some of the candid shots by Shaadigrapher.


























Amrit and Neelabh do only artistic photography, natural photography, shots of people when they are busy in themselves and not necessarily posing for the camera (though sometimes they can’t avoid that).


And last picture is my favourite, which one is yours !!


Now it’s even easier to find your perfect wedding photographer, just drop us an email at info@memorableindianweddings.com with your wedding date, budget, no. of events and we will advise you the rest.



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