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The fusion of Marwar architecture with Moghul-inspired domes is what makes Taj Hari Mahal Palace an extravagance. The art decoration style dates back to 1940 during the time when the hotel was the residence of the maharajas, but the luxury and comfort is leaps and bounds ahead and while on one hand, the hotel offers a delightful holidaying experience to those on the quest to quench their wanderlust, it can also play a magnificent wedding location for a couple intent on tying the knots the royal way.

The high corridor and ornate chandeliers give a glimpse of the royalty behind the construction of the palace, the courtyards and banquet halls have all been richly done to inspire awe.

Apart from being equipped with all modern amenities, the hotel also has a swimming pool and separate fitness center for the fitness crazy. The 24 hours concierge service enables the guests to easily plan their sight-seeing trips amidst the bustle of wedding planning and ceremonies.

The Taj Hari Mahal Palace has a spacious and exquisite banquet for you to plan your wedding in style and glamour. The wedding services offered by the hotel depend upon the beliefs and rituals of every religion and are hence personalized to suit your needs.

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