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If the Taj Jai Mahal Palace is an actual palace converted to a hotel, Shiv Vilas Palace is a modern resort constructed keeping the grandeur of a palace in mind. Built in 1941, the geographical location of the resort along the Aravalli hills favors the rise of its palatial kingdom and the hotel since then has been quite a favorite of the rich and the famous.

Popularly known as The Palace, the hotel has been woven with intricate patterns and the entire concept that revolves around the majesty of a palace, is evident in all its amenities, albeit they still bear a very hi-tech touch. This awe-inspiring juxtaposition of traditional elegance and contemporary amenities makes it a popular choice for hotel weddings as well.

The theatre style Presidential Ball Room, Chancery Hall and the U-shape Chancellor hall are great for wedding banquets, If you’d rather say your vows under the clear sky- the Helipad Lawn, Front Lawn 1 and 2 and the Main Polo Lawn make for excellent options.

The hotel is situated at a convenient locality that is both easy to approach and has some great tourist attractions nearby, the world heritage site of Hampi being one of them.

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