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Bestowed with the “World’s Best Heritage Hotel” title, the palace convert hotel was refurbished to its modern splendor after 12 years of renovation work. The hotel is veiled by lush vegetation and has been standing tall for 300 years.

If you are on the lookout for royal weddings that will be the talk to town, Raj palace hotel is a picturesque wedding location that can cater to all your dreams of a palatial wedding. Add to it the luxurious suites, with no two rooms being identical in décor. For the pocket-protective, you have the Heritage suite and for those seeking to indulge: the Shahi Mahal suite would transport you back to the days of the rajas and maharajas.

Experience the array of delectable from the world over at its multi-cuisine restaurant or raise a toast at the bar. The restaurant and bar at the Raj Palace Hotel was voted as one of the best world over at the 32nd International Awards for Hotel and Catering at Fitur Spain by American Travel Association.

Jaipur is far-famed for its heritage sights and a trip to the city is incomplete without a good sight-seeing trip. The hotel offer concierge facility for its members and even if you are intent on going all the way to Taj Mahal, you can make a request for arrangement to the management.

There is no room for doubting the world-class service of the hotel, both for accommodation and conducting a wedding. Raj Palace Hotel offers personalized wedding services for its guests depending upon individual beliefs and customs.

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