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Chunda Palace: Luxury Boutique Hotel for Destination Wedding in Udaipur

Chunda Palace in Udaipur is not as vastly popular property as much it is ought to be but perhaps that is the reason why it is a little extra special than the others. Having said that a little bit of google and you would have a vague idea about this… Read more

5 Reasons to do a Destination Wedding at Suryagarh

If you are the ones who don’t believe in Love at first sight, your belief will be strongly tested as you behold this palatial and luxurious hotel in sight. There are very few hotels which could provide an experience that in all honesty celebrate its home city, Suryagarh was conceived… Read more

Our pick of 5 Heritage hotels for your wedding in Jaipur

Our pick of 5 Heritage hotels for your wedding in Jaipur

The old world charms and grandeur of the forts and palaces of Jaipur are almost hypnotic, teleporting you back to the time of royal opulence. When you are planning a destination wedding in Jaipur, the choices of venues can get a little confusing as there are way too many gorgeous… Read more

5 hotels in Jodhpur for your dream destination wedding

You have decided upon the royal wedding in Rajasthan, but your head is still whirling about which city in Rajasthan. Yes Jaipur is a heritage haven and logistically most viable city in the state but it has become a tad too touristy.  As for Udaipur, it is admittedly one of… Read more

Cost of planning a wedding in Udaipur Destination Wedding Memorable Indian Weddings

Cost of Planning a Wedding in Udaipur – Udated 2019

Are you planning for a destination wedding, odds are the first question that pops up in your head is costing. Most of the times we get queries wherein guest simply ask for wedding budget or cost of planning a destination wedding in India. Though we all have budget but may be… Read more

Top 3 Luxury Heritage Hotels for Royal Wedding in Jaipur – Part 3 (Raj Palace Hotel)

Raj Palace Hotel  ~ RELIVING THE WORLD OF HERITAGE MAGNIFICENCE They say one shouldn’t dwell too much on the past, but when the past is as glorious as Raj Palace Hotel, an outrageously stunning reminder of the luxurious Rajputana era, you can’t really help it. The quintessential Indian opulence preens… Read more

Top 3 Luxury Heritage Hotels for Royal Wedding in Jaipur – Part 2 (Taj Jai Mahal Palace)

Taj Jai Mahal Palace Hotel ~ THE WEDDING ADDRESS FOR A MODERN DAY PRINCE AND PRINCESS. Taj Jai Mahal, the age old castle is an embodiment of dignity and calm that will make a place in your heart the moment you step in its periphery. The very location of it… Read more

Top 3 Luxury Heritage Hotels for Royal Wedding in Jaipur – Part 1 (Samode Palace)

The very moment you think of Royal Indian weddings, visions of Rajasthan start moving about in your head. Within Rajasthan there are many cities like Udaipur, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur that fit the bill perfectly. However when you thrown in a few practical attributes like logistics and cost, Jaipur would pop… Read more

5 reasons to plan your Destination Wedding at RAAS Devigarh

RAAS Devi Garh stands on the grounds of the dusty village of Delwara like a true warrior; embracing the new world whilst cloaked in the glorious past. The Fort palace is an enchanting confluence of luxury and heritage. The ancient exteriors are juxtaposed brilliantly with the sophisticated and contemporary interiors. Rimmed… Read more