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The delightful mystique that Oman is

Oman’s abundant and diverse natural landscape is a feast for the eyes. Its incessant sandy deserts will transport you to the childhood memories of Arabian folk tales. At other places the geography changes dramatically, from rocky valleys locally called as ‘Wadis’ to verdant plains watered by monsoon rains. The country has a coastline of around 1700 km, with scenic beaches, you could snorkel with the resident turtles or spot dolphins or go for a scuba dive, Oman has a wealth of marine life.

The beguile capital Muscat is a modern city, but not detached to the quaint charm of its old world.
The city’s major landmark Grand Mosque is rooted in traditional Islamic architecture with opulent chandeliers and adorns the world’s second largest hand loomed carpet.
The Royal Opera House, cultural hub of the city, hosts diverse programs of opera, ballet, Islamic and Arabic music. Its rich cultural heritage is almost tangible.

Oman’s uniqueness is that it offers an enchanting amalgamation of modern architecture and old world charm. Its majestic forts, mosques, castles and souqs reeks of the nostalgia and romance of the bygone era. And its hotels literally epitomize opulence, offering the signature style Arabian hospitality. There are a great range of accommodation options from luxurious hotels to boutique properties to resorts to suit any travelers taste and budget. Whether you like the panoramic view of the Gulf of Oman or the backdrop of rugged for your wedding, Oman is the place.

Since temperatures in summers are high, the preferred time to plan your nuptials would be from September to April.

Oman is a short haul destination with good connectivity across various cities in India. Also there’s a cultural affinity between the two countries, therefore with regards to the cuisine the Indian palate is well catered to. All this makes it even more tempting to say ‘I do’ in this magical land.

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