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A slice of beauty made with islands, beaches and prehistoric rain forests

Malaysia is an eclectic cocktail of two distinct experiences: Peninsula and Borneo. The peninsula is a blend of Malay, Indian and Chinese flavors with the chic and modern Kuala Lumpur as its capital.
Malaysian Borneo is home to the oldest rainforests, orangutans, Asian elephants, granite peaks and remote tribes. Throw in some beautiful islands, luxury resorts, colonial towns and skyscraper buildings and you get a delightful mix: Malaysia.

Picture this white sand beaches, sunrays melting in the sky, mountains in the backdrop, tropical forests in the surroundings with exotic flowers and birds chirping love notes; sounds like a perfect setting for your wedding right ? At the contrast is glitzy and very urban Kuala Lumpur, which proffers all things that make for a world class city. Classy and elegant hotels, vibrant nocturnal life, romantic colonial architecture, mosques and temples juxtaposed against skyscraper towers, high rises, shopping malls and street markets.

As we said Malaysia is a country of pleasing contrasts giving its visitors array of interesting options to choose from and custom made into a sweet memory.

You could choose from an enchanting beach wedding in Langkawi, Pangkor, Tiomar or a rustic village wedding ceremony (perhaps in local Malay traditions) or an edgy celebration in the swanky city of Kuala Lumpur. Also we must mention Malalysian hotels and tropical retreats are gorgeous with a strong Malay character and are renowned for their warm and heart touching hospitality.

And the food. It deserves a special mention. Malaysia is a potpourri of many cuisines of Malay, Indian and Chinese. It’s a wonderland for any food lover and its food is one of the many reasons that will make you fall in love this place.

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