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5 hotels in Jodhpur for your dream destination wedding

You have decided upon the royal wedding in Rajasthan, but your head is still whirling about which city in Rajasthan. Yes Jaipur is a heritage haven and logistically most viable city in the state but it has become a tad too touristy.  As for Udaipur, it is admittedly one of… Read more

5 Offbeat Hotels for a Hill Station Wedding in India

The Mountain Wedding is calling.. Although we love beaches, oceans and deserts as much, it is only mountains that beckon with a sort of magnetic pull so strong, that we just go to them. They invoke a certain magic, speak to the every depths of you, and bring you closer to… Read more

Our Pick of 5 Hotels for a destination wedding nearby Delhi!

Our Pick of 5 Hotels for a destination wedding nearby Delhi!

The idea of a palace wedding in Jaipur or tying the knot in a sublime Goan resort has long titillated you and been a part of your dream, but now that your wedding preparation discussions are in full swing, it seems way too unreal. There are all kinds of reasons… Read more

Our pick of 5 Villa Wedding Venues in Goa

Destination Wedding in Goa is a mighty cool idea in itself. Add to that Portuguese style Goan villa as the wedding venue, you get an eclectic mix of decadent charisma and intimate ambience. Once upon a Portuguese colony, Goa is home to many villas that are an ode to the old… Read more

Top 3 Luxury Heritage Hotels for Royal Wedding in Jaipur – Part 3 (Raj Palace Hotel)

Raj Palace Hotel  ~ RELIVING THE WORLD OF HERITAGE MAGNIFICENCE They say one shouldn’t dwell too much on the past, but when the past is as glorious as Raj Palace Hotel, an outrageously stunning reminder of the luxurious Rajputana era, you can’t really help it. The quintessential Indian opulence preens… Read more

Top 3 Luxury Heritage Hotels for Royal Wedding in Jaipur – Part 2 (Taj Jai Mahal Palace)

Taj Jai Mahal Palace Hotel ~ THE WEDDING ADDRESS FOR A MODERN DAY PRINCE AND PRINCESS. Taj Jai Mahal, the age old castle is an embodiment of dignity and calm that will make a place in your heart the moment you step in its periphery. The very location of it… Read more

Featured Real Wedding at Raas Jodhpur

We all love Destination Weddings but perhaps what’s lovelier is Intimate Destination Weddings. Majorly because the wedding is a time for utter madness and jubilation and happy tears and you would only be with your special people not get worried about getting approval from dear aunt Agatha. That being said… Read more

Cost of Planning a Wedding in Goa

Cost of Planning a Wedding in Goa – updated 2019

Out of ten wedding queries we receive, at least six wish to tie the knot at beach wedding destination Goa. And the first step is to brief on the cost of planning a wedding in Goa. That is numbers speaking why Goa is such a hot wedding destination and well… Read more

Wedding Favors that are classis, timeless and thoughtful

Weddings favors that will bring a smile on your guest’s face

Weddings favors are no obligation, and let us not look at them like that, which we sometimes knowingly/ unknowingly tend to do. Favors are your way of saying heartfelt ‘thank you’ to your loved ones. So make them dearly special, something that not only reflects your personality but is also… Read more

Our pick of Luxury Weddings Hotels in Goa for your destination wedding by Memorable Indian Weddings

5 Luxurious Weddings Hotels in Goa; which is your pick

A gorgeous beach wedding in Goa awaits you.. Before we come to luxurious wedding hotels in Goa for your destination wedding, imagine balmy beaches lined with towering coconut trees, which is the quintessential definition of Goa. Though that alone could be a reason enough to lure you plan your destination wedding… Read more

Photos that will make you say YES to a Destination Wedding with Kids!

Destination weddings involve travel, and when you are traveling with your little ones, you might have to bear some in-flight tantrums or worse the obnoxious stares of fellow travelers. Understandable traveling with kids aint a smooth ride, but don’t let that fear deter you from bringing your kids along. The… Read more

How much does a wedding planner in India cost?

Hey, how much a wedding planner charges in India Your heart is fixed upon India and your mind is wondering about how do I go ahead and plan my wedding in India. In situations like these, it is better to turn on to experts. We reckon you hire a destination… Read more

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