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How to choose a wedding planner for your Destination Wedding?

Yes sweetheart we know how much you would love to plan your wedding on your own. This is the most special day of your life and you have always wanted it a certain way, we get it, but for now trust us on this one, hire a wedding planner. It is undoubtedly a good idea to delegate your to-do-list to the specialists and professionals. This becomes indispensable when planning a destination wedding.

As romantic as the idea of destination wedding is, it does come with its share of challenges and since you would be occupied with million other wedding things, having a planner would ensure that you get to enjoy your day to the fullest, which we need say is priceless!

This quite naturally catapults us to the next question –

how to choose a wedding planner for your destination wedding?

Here are a few suggestions for you to make the right choice.

1. Online Presence of the wedding planner

1. Online Presence

This is the foremost and forms the skeleton of your research.

From the quintessential Google search to comprehensive analysis of the website to reading articles on their blog, there answers on wedding planning questions on Quora to social media presence, we suggest you check their presence almost on every forum. This would give you a good idea about them.

2. Getting to know your Wedding Planner

Know your Wedding Planner

We understand for a destination wedding it wouldn’t be feasible to personally meet your wedding planner, having said that see if you can meet them at least once. Take time out to skype call them and get to know your planner.

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is that you like your planner and feel confident of him/her. But above and all listen to your gut feeling when deciding on your planner, cliché it might be but nothing is more trustworthy than your instinct. So do not ignore that!

3. References from Bride and Groom who were clients earlier

References from Past Clients

Check their references and testimonials on their website. Also check their social media pages like facebook, twitter, linkedin and see if there are any posts or comments of appreciation, recommendation or feedback.

The experiences of their past clients could give you a heads up if they are the ones for you.

4. Communication


How prompt they are in reverting to your calls, SMS’s or emails, understandable it can’t be on the button given you guys are in two different time zones but it shouldn’t be more than 24 hours.

Also check or ask if the planner himself/ herself will be available for the wedding day or if he/she will send someone from their team to represent them. It’s imperative that you have one point contact online as well as offline throughout your wedding planning. Because otherwise that could be the deal breaker!

5. Packages or Customization

5. Packages or Customization

Structured packages or customized services, is what separates an ordinary planner and the one you should be hiring. Are they selling you cookie cutter packages, set suppliers and elements or are going an extra mile to understand your taste, requirements, vision and then advising accordingly. They should be giving their unbiased opinion to you on what you want and not something which is convenient or profitable for them.

A good wedding planner should be able to take up ideas from your vision boards and enhance them with ideas of their own. Their suggestions should make your wedding more beautiful, more intimate and all that you both dreamed of.

Ultimately it all simmers down to what kind of wedding you want, what worked with the XYZ person doesn’t guarantees that it will work with you too. It is your wedding and if you do not like the planner you have hired, we are very sorry to break it to you, chances are your wedding ceremony wouldn’t turn out to be that great!

So our lovely bride-to-be, keep these pointers in mind while you are on scavenger hunt for your wedding planner. Happy destination wedding planning 🙂



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