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Destination Wedding in Italy

Fascinating History, Mesmerising Scenery, Enchanting Cities and full of romance – Italy.


Its heritage, art, delicious cuisine, trendy fashions, wine, and beautiful coasts, lakes and mountains makes it the next romantic wedding destination for Indians.


There are many cities in Italy to get married and one of them is TUSCANY which offers a myriad of possibilities; beautiful cities such as Florence, Siena, Lucca, and Pisa, charming hilltop villages, majestic castles, stunning cathedrals, quaint abbeys, gorgeous seaside locations not to mention the history, art, climate, culture and warmth of the Italian people. Italians are very proud of their past and fond of their identity (and their family, too like us).


The balance of richness and charm of the sweetest season are to be found not only in the landscape, but also in the architecture and food.

Tying the knot in Tuscany guarantees a spectacular setting and a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests.

If you are dreaming about having a wedding abroad and are looking beyond South East Asian countries, think of Tuscany; a canvas of brick red, pink, yellow, blue, mauve, and green; varying shades of green – a more somber green for the Cypress trees, a silvery green shimmering from the leaves on an olive branch, and a yellow green making up the skins of its first grapes. Tuscany is the most spectacular display of nature. In spring light it is more delicate and enthralling finding, in Tuscany, an ideal palette.


We spoke to our associate in Italy, Chiara Sernesi, owner of Weddings in Tuscany. Chaira runs a boutique wedding planning firm that has designed hundreds of unique weddings for couples from all over the world. Her goal is to ensure that the clients’ weddings happen seamlessly. The best part is that Weddings in Tuscany doesn’t offer numerous packages but work closely with clients to customize every event, so no two are ever the same.

Chaira advises –

“The first thing for clients is to set a budget and work out a tentative head count, this influences the style of wedding. After that, we work out the style guide. For example, what do they want their day to look like? What are the ‘must-haves’, what Tuscan elements do they want to incorporate? After that, we guide our clients through each step of planning and designing, book quality suppliers which hare carefully screened by us and then ensure that all these elements come together perfectly. Our primary focus is to create an event that is a reflection of each couple, full of love, fun and celebrating. It’s all about the unique experience!”


Talking about locations you have options to choose from Historic Villas, Castles, Private Villas, Farmhouses, Country Houses and of course the luxury chain hotels. An Indian Wedding with so much of colours and rituals will stand out even more in these castles and villas.

In terms of decorations, going Vintage is trend for the 2013-2014 wedding season. Just think of Vintage, Castles, Romance and Indian Weddings together and you get the visual.


For your guests there are lot of activities like a private wine tour, hot air balloon rides above the Tuscan landscape, cooking classes, tours of villas or castles etc.

Weddings abroad are the perfect way to combine the most special day of your life with the ultimate honeymoon.

Get in touch with Memorable Indian Weddings for your dream wedding in Italy!

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