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villa wedding in goa ay shunyachi kaju varo photographed by richa kashelkar17

The bohemian villa wedding fiesta in Goa

Leaf through the photographs of a rather cool wedding of Opal and Ollie and you will catch yourself secretly wishing to have a wedding like that. There’s an element of breezy and laidback in this wedding that resonates so well with the very vibe of Goa.  The wedding destination that you choose for your wedding …

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jewish wedding in the synagogue of Florence black and white photography by Edoardo Agresti

Seeing the world of Weddings in Black & White by Edoardo Agresti

Out of general inquisitiveness, there emerged a question between me and my colleague why don’t couples go for more of Black and White Photography in their weddings. In our quest for the answer, we reached out to Edoardo Agresti whose photography is a sheer work of art and has a sort of trance-like effect on …

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23 Sikh Wedding in Florence Sepia Wedding Photography by Edorado Agresti featured on Memorable Indian Weddings

A Sikh Wedding shot in tones of Sepia that is beyond beautiful

The work of art is not just what you see but rather the feeling that it evokes. These pictures of an intimate Sikh wedding Florence at Villa Le Fontanelle, create a whirring of sweet love emotion that gradually and warmly envelopes you. If you take these photographs and hang them on a wall, the wall would come alive …

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Real Wedding celebrating similarities across different cultures

You may choose the full spectrum of colours or the monochromes to project moments, but here’s the thing, white contains all the colours and when all colours come together they form a shade of black, so maybe that which seems to be a separation is perhaps inseparable at its core. The essence, the emotions and …

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Timeless Classics Celebrating Art of Wedding Photography

21 photos that celebrate the Art of Wedding Photography

If you look at it closely, every scene in life is nothing but a work of art. What is requisite though is the perspective and openness to embrace the moment. Weddings are such an important scene of one’s play of life, filled with many such moments too. But often we are too engrossed in the …

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Destination Wedding Photography through Sephi Bergerson’s lens

There are those who click, and then there are those who document. Sephi Bergerson is one of the few photographers who document the details, thereby capturing beauty. His work is a testimony to the thought ‘Beauty is in the details.’ There is a reason in Sephi’s pictures and that’s what makes them so special. Miles away …

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Photographs that will make you say yes to the Destination Weddings

List of Top 20 Destination Wedding Photo-shots to get Inspired

We can’t freeze time but thank heavens for photographs that we can capture moments and relive them as many times. Weddings are such defining and happy moments of our lives that if given a choice some might even want to freeze them forever. Wedding photographs are beautiful, true but then again Destination Wedding Photographs are …

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Photography & Design together; expect wonders in Indian Wedding Photography!

Rahul de Cunha is a self taught photographer who churned his passion into a profession. His venture, Tree Media and Extensions was started in conjunction with his partner Deepa, an artist and graphic Designer. Together they do Photography and Design, creating wonders! Wedding Photojournalism is special, rich with colour, harmony, vitality, expression and Love. While Rahul …

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Indian wedding photographer with verses – Tarun Chawla

A developer into coding turned to coding the emotions digitally and that too accompanied with verses; yes it is your very favorite Tarun Chawla who just won the Best Photographer for capturing Bridal Portraits. We have him on board with a few questions which all the would be brides want to ask from him regarding …

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Female Asian Indian Wedding Photographer and her love for weddings

I met Bhavna Pandya Baratt through wedding forums and was impressed with her work, shots, her detailed and vast experience on linkedin and her website. Her introduction is all about her love for photography; if this sounds quite cliche to you; wait, she works under the name of Upendo Images and Upendo means love. What …

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As they call themselves ‘Shaadigrapher’

If you have ever browsed through few traditional wedding albums, you must have noticed how boring, monotonous and similar looking most of them are. Standard stage shots. Standard jai-maal shots. Standard (and some times ridiculously posed) dulhan shots. Standard flash light for everything. You get the idea. We are not telling you such standard photography …

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And now its Photozaapki

Our earlier post was on Shaadigrapher, this one is Photozaapki. Both have there names as fusion of English and Hindi words.. Seems, fusion is the next trend in brand names.                                         And did you notices the …

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