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Featured Real Wedding at Raas Jodhpur

We all love Destination Weddings but perhaps what’s lovelier is Intimate Destination Weddings. Majorly because the wedding is a time for utter madness and jubilation and happy tears and you would only be with your special people not get worried about getting approval from dear aunt Agatha. That being said we completely understand an intimate …

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catherine and raymond destination wedding in koh smui thailand stationary themes 9

A destination wedding in Koh Samui – Catherine and Raymond

A destination wedding in Koh Samui that feels like a soft spring breeze to the heart. The texture of this gorgeous beach wedding is gentle, ethereal and flowing like a soothing musical note played on a harpsichord. The wedding was planned with the intention of having the best weekend ever; sunny smiles and happy tears …

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23 Sikh Wedding in Florence Sepia Wedding Photography by Edorado Agresti featured on Memorable Indian Weddings

A Sikh Wedding shot in tones of Sepia that is beyond beautiful

The work of art is not just what you see but rather the feeling that it evokes. These pictures of an intimate Sikh wedding Florence at Villa Le Fontanelle, create a whirring of sweet love emotion that gradually and warmly envelopes you. If you take these photographs and hang them on a wall, the wall would come alive …

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Indian Wedding Photography Ludhiana Punjabi Marriage Pictures Jalandhar Anand Karaj Sikh Wedding Portraits Punjab 01

Sikh Wedding – A cluster of beautiful & heartwarming moments

Every moment of this Sikh Wedding is bubbling with life. Laughter and love echo through the pictures, and when it is the time for vidai, eyes are welled up. “They are not said to be husband and wife, who merely sit together. Rather they alone are called husband and wife, who have one soul in …

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A Delhi Style Destination Wedding in Goa by SILK Photos

Of all the things agreeable about Goa, perhaps the most remarkable is its rather effortless coolness, and when you are here holidaying or as in the case of Raahil and Pia getting married, you soak in that breezy aura too. This destination Indian wedding fiesta started with the champagne lunch in the forest. From the colorful …

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A truly eclectic Indian-American Wedding of Kavya and Pranay

The vibrant and colourful East blends rather harmonically with the chic and minimalistic West, at the wedding of Kavya & Pranay. The Hindu rituals were performed with a dash of classy American-ess at this wedding! The otherwise groom’s procession on a horse got an eclectic twist of  golf cart ride with the groomsmen and the …

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Real Wedding in Goa featured on Memorable Indian Weddings - Preeti and Lionel

Real Wedding – Preeti and Lionel

When theme of the wedding is to have a bit of laugh and a bit more of drinks, you know it is headed towards craziness. The madness and love are the recurrent emotions in almost all the pictures. Rahul de Cunha who is pretty damn good with taking real and candid shots floored us with …

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