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Alice-in-Wonderland-Tea-party-Weddings Mad hatter wedding invitation

A Mad Hatter’s themed tea party

A high tea on the day of guest’s arrival or a brunch and high tea on the check out day is a great way to have a little bit more fun time with your dear ones and we wonder if there’s a better way to host it than by having a whimsical Mad Hatter’s themed …

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jewish wedding in the synagogue of Florence black and white photography by Edoardo Agresti

Seeing the world of Weddings in Black & White by Edoardo Agresti

Out of general inquisitiveness, there emerged a question between me and my colleague why don’t couples go for more of Black and White Photography in their weddings. In our quest for the answer, we reached out to Edoardo Agresti whose photography is a sheer work of art and has a sort of trance-like effect on …

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Wedding Favors that are classis, timeless and thoughtful

Weddings favors that will bring a smile on your guest’s face

Weddings favors are no obligation, and let us not look at them like that, which we sometimes knowingly/ unknowingly tend to do. Favors are your way of saying heartfelt ‘thank you’ to your loved ones. So make them dearly special, something that not only reflects your personality but is also a little meaningful. Thoughtful gifts …

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Matters of the Heart #4

“There are millions of people in this world, but in the end it all comes down to one.” ~Nicole from Movie Crazy Beautiful #MattersOfTheHeart #QuoteRoom #WeddingQuote #MovieQuote #LoveQuote

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Luggage Tag Ideas for your Fly Away Wedding

So you have got your save-the-date finalized, the next stationery element that you probably have on your to-do-list for the destination wedding is luggage tag. In case you have missed out on this seemingly trivial element, we double suggest you get at it right away. This would not only help with the easy identification of …

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Real Wedding celebrating similarities across different cultures

You may choose the full spectrum of colours or the monochromes to project moments, but here’s the thing, white contains all the colours and when all colours come together they form a shade of black, so maybe that which seems to be a separation is perhaps inseparable at its core. The essence, the emotions and …

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Timeless Classics Celebrating Art of Wedding Photography

21 photos that celebrate the Art of Wedding Photography

If you look at it closely, every scene in life is nothing but a work of art. What is requisite though is the perspective and openness to embrace the moment. Weddings are such an important scene of one’s play of life, filled with many such moments too. But often we are too engrossed in the …

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Cost of planning a wedding in Udaipur Destination Wedding Memorable Indian Weddings

Cost of Planning a Wedding in Udaipur – Udated 2019

Are you planning for a destination wedding, odds are the first question that pops up in your head is costing. Most of the times we get queries wherein guest simply ask for wedding budget or cost of planning a destination wedding in India. Though we all have budget but may be what the prospective brides and …

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A truly eclectic Indian-American Wedding of Kavya and Pranay

The vibrant and colourful East blends rather harmonically with the chic and minimalistic West, at the wedding of Kavya & Pranay. The Hindu rituals were performed with a dash of classy American-ess at this wedding! The otherwise groom’s procession on a horse got an eclectic twist of  golf cart ride with the groomsmen and the …

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Give your wedding cake an upgrade with these cake topper ideas!

While you are planning for your special day, you want to individualize things and color them in your choices, so they exude a little bit of you. A cake topper is one of the fantastic props to do just that. You could choose from a quirky message to romantic figurines to mischievous flirting to almost …

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guitar featured image 7 ways to infuse guitar in your wedding

7 ways to infuse guitar love in your wedding

[Tweet ““Sometimes the nicest thing to do with a guitar is just look at it’’ – Thom Yorke“] If that’s how much you love guitar, then why not incorporate that love in your wedding too. Reflect your love for guitar on your special day with these ideas. You can get as creative as you like, …

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Wedding blogs for every bride to swear by!

As much as we love planning weddings, we also love reading wedding stories and scrolling through photo albums. So we thought of sharing our list of treasured wedding blogs (in no particular order) with you guys. So curl up in your sofa and get a cup of hot chocolate and log in to the beautiful …

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Rock your mehendi evening like a diva with chic floral jewellery

We all love flowers and while browsing through Pinterest, stumbled upon Floral Jewellery Board and could not wait to create one and pin a few of them. That’s how addictive it can get so we definitely understand your fascination with it. Well floral jewellery has always been there in Indian weddings but the trend picked …

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7 Fun Ideas for your Wedding

Super Awesome-ize your wedding with these fun and cool ideas   Selfie Station   Yes we love taking selfies, why not set up a selfie station for your wedding. Your guests will throng there.   Video Booth   Kick up a notch your wedding with a video booth. Have your guests leave you well wishes …

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Preston Bailey

Lust After Celebrity Wedding Destinations

Who doesn’t love destination weddings. And that’s specially right for our favourite celebs. When it comes to their D-day see where few of the globe- trotting celebrities have chosen to say ‘I do.’ ITALY Italy is a hot favourite with many celebs and that would have hardly come by as a surprise!   George Clooney …

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Musthaves for a Bridal Trousseau

Do you know who the Bride’s best friend is? It’s her closet. And this is what brides are most worried about, what to have and what not to have in her bridal trousseau. It is not just the wedding lehenga which should have your all eyes but trousseau as well. We spell out a few …

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IBFW 2013 through The Delhi Bride’s lens

TDB or The Delhi Bride, looks at the world through her glasses which are tinted with every colour an Indian Wedding can have. Her posts, tweets, status updates are all about guiding and informing brides about latest trends, sales offers, vendor shout outs, bridal diaries and much more. When we got to know she is …

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Tête-à-Tête with Abhilasha, the fashion blogger

Abhilasha Mehta, yes you know her from Looking Good Feeling Fab blog. If not, you must visit and see her treatment of fusing Indian and Western Wear especially the work wear. Even on her visit to Lakme Fashion Week, she infused her mother’s vintage ghaghra (read long skirt just above the ankles), western top and a chunky belt; now that’s some wearable doable fashion.

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