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A chain or coral reefs adorn the virgin land of Lakshadweep and in the middle of this chain lies the Bangaram Island Resort. Whether you want to bask in the melting of the evening sunset with the pitch darkness of night or see the blue sky seamless blend with the blue water.

Offering a humbling experience, the resort takes you back to simple living with 30 indigenous huts. So, switch of your smartphones and connect with your inner self in these huts. The deluxe huts are more like a cottage with two bedrooms, attached bathroom and a separate living area. In addition, there is a separate hut for dining where the meals are provided as a buffet.

The mantra of the resort seems to offer guests an experience as close to nature, so, while you might not find stretches of artificially built pool, the shimmering blue lagoon more than makes up.

The guests can indulge in a number of water related recreational activities as Bangaram is also one of the first destinations for scuba diving and snorkeling.

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