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Wedding enthusiasts were stupefied by the serene beauty of Lakshadweep and how apt a wedding destination it can turn out to be. Gaining popularity over the last few years, Lakshadweep is fast becoming the dream destination for a lot of couples based both in India and abroad.

Lakshadweep is a conglomeration of 36 islands off of the mainland coast of the country and thus cradled between the blue sea and lush verdure on the other, the state offers a picturesque wedding location that is bound to knock the breath out of anyone. Each island has its uniqueness, while some are closer to the sea, some boasts of more vegetation and there are some which are not open for public for safety and other reasons. Agatti is the most famous of all the islands, owing to the presence of coral reefs.

If you are a water sport enthusiast, these islands offer a number of sports that you can participate in, to challenge your adrenaline. However, if you’d want a peaceful place to revel in the beauty of nature, choose Bangaram islands instead. If you would rather not spend time brushing shoulder with a lot of crowd on the island, schedule your trip between October and May, as the influx of tourists around this time is comparatively lesser. The tropical climate lends a sultry weather to the islands, but the temperature doesn’t get uncomfortable high, the winters are more pleasant with clearer water.

You can opt for a beach-themed wedding or go adventurous with a wedding on a boat or a cruise.

Lakshadweep opens up many possibilities to enable you to make your wedding the most memorable day of your life. Lakshadweep is well-connected by Cochin and Kerala by air and ship. It takes an hour to reach the islands through flight and up to 24 hours while travelling by ship.

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