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Its more about who YOU Are!

Our parts crazy and logical hypothesis about you!


We-are-glad-you-are-here. You have a thing for traveling and might have love or travel inspired tattoos.

You are a day dreamer. (Though the well meaning friends and family don’t have to really know that)

You devour on popular wedding blogs.

You have a fiercely strong personality. You are not the one to go for cookie cutter things. Individualistic is more like you!

 You already have wedding ideas and inspiration board on Pinterest.

You are mostly hustling. (We would love to help you with your monstrous to-do-list, so you could enjoy your epsom salt bath)

You are more of an intimate get-togethers person as opposed to town hall meetings.

You would very well be a dog person. (We have no idea where this came from, you could very well be a cat or a horse or a tarantula person.)

Odds are:

You want to have a wedding ceremony that is more than just that, but rather a celebration of love. It must be reflective of your individualistic personalities. Every small and big element, in some way should mirror the eccentricity and uniqueness that you are. You want to have it at a place that has a special meaning in yours and your significant other’s life.

You are amidst the planning stuff. And we know planning for a wedding can get overwhelming, more so for a destination wedding, we are here to help you get rid of anxiety pangs, so that your special day is insanely joyous.

So relax sweet one, we have got your back :)

Want To Know More About Us?

We are a team of two wonderfully weird but perfectly sane girls



A Destination Wedding Planner for India and South East Asian countries.

Like Neo my life has pretty much been about ‘’follow the white rabbit’’ thing (though wasn’t consciously aware of it) and which eventually lead to the birth of Memorable Indian Weddings. After working for Cvent, an online event management software company, I did my masters in Event Management & PR. The real ground experience came while working as wedding assistant to Amrish Pershad, a floral designer (he was the floral set designer for the movie Monsoon Wedding). Somewhere along the way had my eureka moment, and thereby founded MIW.

Other bits and bobs

Call it a Sagittarius thing I am a hopeless optimist, always tend to see the silver lining of the cloud. A self claimed philosophical, so much so friends think my one liners would make for hell of bumper stickers. Have a thing for google, can’t blame me, he pretty much seems to have answers for everything well almost everything. Love calligraphy, typography, geometric patterns and researching on ancient mandalas.


Kavya Kalra Memorable Indian Weddings Destination Wedding Planner for IndiaKAVYA KALRA

Like everything in life, the path till here had been lead by many synchronicities, and winded up at Memorable Indian Weddings. After having dabbled with career in hospitality and publishing, I went back to college to do my masters in Public Relations and Event Management, (where Sunaina and I were classmates). I worked with a couple of Public Relations firm, and when one fine day Sunaina asked me to join MIW, I knew it was time for me to jump ship and start working with a company that I would absolutely love to be a part of.

Other bits and bobs

I am a lover of simpler things, eating and reading and wandering about. I get severe bouts of fernweh every now and then. Like most girls, I have a thing for guys with good sense of humour, and well no one beats Sir PG Wodehouse. I daydream of Tardis landing on my terrace, and The Doctor asking me to accompany him on his travels. Of all the places, books are my favourite place to live. I am a language enthusiast currently in love with Español and conjugating Spanish verbs is the new pastime.

Who We Are!

In case you are still wondering, who the heck are we?


We, Memorable Indian Weddings, are destination wedding planning ninjas, for planning/styling weddings anywhere in India and South East Asia. We would be your chaperon, as you tread your step towards happily ever after.

We are here to help our destination brides and grooms to have a wedding that truly is the most memorable one, enveloped with love, laughter, warmth and elegance.

Thank you for hovering over our corner of the internet. We hope our paths cross some day, and are a part of the most special day of your lives.