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A short talk with Crazy Indian Wedding Blogger – Part 1

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We all know how important a wedding checklist is; especially for Indian Weddings. There are zillion things to go through back and forth. We roped in Crazy Indian Wedding blogger, Roli Gaur Vashisht to help us create one for our readers.

Before you get to wedding checklist, here is short talk with her in this part of post. In next part, its the wedding checklist designed by her.

How did this idea of bridal blogging happened to you ? Did you really thought of becoming a bridal blogger someday.

I was in-between jobs when my marriage got ‘fixed’ and I decided to take a break and concentrate completely on the wedding. 3 months into the wedding planning I had gathered so much information that I needed a place to store it all, that’s how the blog began. Initially it was like a dairy of my own wedding plans, where I went, what I did, and then it kind of evolved on its own.


So you kind of literally planned your wedding; what was the biggest challenge you faced in your wedding planning.

Hmm, not much really. I had a great support system. My parents and my brother were completely dedicated for 8 months towards the wedding and it was like a big family project! I guess if I had to say it was trying not to micro-manage everything..(Which I did anyways 😛 )


Now, you have your own label, did this happen along the journey of blogging or it was an idea being contemplated for a while.

It was my dream since I was 10year old. With a a degree in Fashion Design from NIFT, Mumbai and having worked with India’s top Designers, interned at export houses; launching my label was a goal that I have been working towards for a long time, and I hope that it will take off (fingers crossed).
The blog was an unplanned baby, it just happened. It has of course helped me grow as a designer, Blogging helped me discover the new side of me, it helped me with my research and with honest feedback from the readers. So it was not just the blog it was my readers as well that helped me.


What are your future plans about blogging as well as about the label.

The blog continues till when, I am not sure, there is always so much to write about! So many brides yet to help!
As for the label, it is just the beginning so I just have my fingers crossed and let’s see where the journey takes us.


And what are your tips for bridal bloggers and the brides to be.

Stop Stressing and Be yourself!
For bridal bloggers, write not just the good things but the bad as well, help others by telling them the mistakes you made. Research and write value-worthy blog post. And chill.
For Brides-to-be, Congratulations!! I can feel your excitement!! There are about a million more tiny tips that can be given to a bride-to-be, but the most important one is for her to relax.
– Don’t try to micro manage everything, just concentrate on being your best and looking your best, everything else will fall into place.
– Don’t stress about how you’ll look, in the eyes of your mummy and daddy you are always a perfect angel and in the eyes of your prince you’re his queen, nobody else matters.
– And at the end of the day if your color scheme changed from red to orange it wouldn’t stop your wedding; just go with the flow.


And here is the part 2 with Indian Wedding Checklist by Crazy Indian Wedding

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