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As soon as you start on details for a destination wedding in India, you realize that it involves a lot of preparation. You need to make decision about wedding invitation to honeymoon. This is where we come in and although your wedding is your reflection and you are involved in all details; we provide you with the best choices and reliable suppliers to ensure great in everything related to your event.

Consultation, Guidance & Reece Trip

At Memorable Indian Weddings, we provide our clients with all the necessary and unbiased information about the chosen wedding destination in India.


Our aim is to guide you in choosing a destination best suited to your requirements and budget and also lay down a step-by-step framework of how you should go about your entire wedding and reception. Weddings are a life-altering event and one that has to be perfected to the core.

We always recommend an initial consultation to get to know our client’s outlook and expectations and to put ourselves on the same page as them.

Right from choosing the wedding destination, taking a recce trip to familiarize yourself with the climate and ambience to giving you an idea through live sampling, deciding upon the hotels and finalizing the wedding package, we will be there with you. You can trust upon us to guide and assist you at every step.

Wedding Venues and Suppliers



Whether you are seeking a palatial or a backwater or a beach wedding venue, there are certain considerations to be kept in mind. Is the location within the budget? Is it an all-weather venue and most importantly is it easily accessible to avoid the guests from going through the hassles. We would also pre-book the wedding location for your preferred wedding date much in advance to get a better possible deal.

There are numerous nitty-gritties that have to be dealt with. Selecting trustworthy caterers, photographers and other suppliers could be difficult if you are not a native of the place. Add to that, the hiking up of the prices by the vendors during the peak wedding season to rake in profit, which is why we always have a ready chain of suppliers to prevent our clients from paying any extra.

No matter what location you have in mind or what your budget figure is, we ensure to provide you with the best possible services. Your wedding day is the most important event in your life and we leave no stone unturned in making it the most memorable one as well.

Designing and Decoration



When it comes to destination weddings, the décor differs from a traditional one and only someone who is adept at organizing destination weddings would be well-versed in the correct layout and techniques.

Themed weddings are gaining leverage and everything from royal weddings to beach-themed wedding are fast becoming popular. For a themed wedding, everything has to be in accordance with the theme, be it the save the date or the wedding favors. At Memorable Indian Weddings, we have tie-ups with experienced designers and suppliers who can perfectly revamp your wedding venue the way you want it to be.

Guest Management


keepguestshappy_540Managing guests can be really daunting. Amidst boisterous nosy aunts and screaming kids, your wedding day could easily turn into a day at the boxing ring. Relax! let the Memorable Indian Wedding team manage your guests and not just on the D day but throughout the entire journey to your wedding destination.

We take care of everything ranging from booking rooms, pre-check ins, selecting wedding souvenirs, organizing help, planning for accommodation and seating arrangements, menu and overall management will be done by our team keeping your guest list in mind throughout, to ensure that your wedding is conducted sans any glitches.

If your guests are first timers to the country, they would love to explore the traditional and cultural heritage of India, we ensure that your guests get to see the various sights.

In the absence of any wedding planner, the guests are likely to turn to the couple or the family member for every small requirement. This only adds up to the chaos and make it difficult for both you and the guests, planners act as a liaison between your guests and you and you can always bank upon them for any assistance.

Planning and Execution


From-today-until-you-doWe would assist you throughout the wedding starting from consultation meetings to the reception ceremony. Whatever plans you have had for the wedding will be coordinated and executed by our team to take out the stress from your planning part.

Our packages subsume everything from –

  • ticket and hotel bookings,
  • travel and logistics,
  • bride and groom attire selection,
  • location selection,
  • menu assortment,
  • venue decoration,
  • pre-wedding and wedding photography,
  • organizing rituals and ceremonies,
  • wedding DJs,
  • a complete website for the couple customized the way they want it,
  • guest management and
  • D day coordination.

If your need is wedding related- Memorable Indian Weddings can do it for you!

Destination weddings call for special attention and that is exactly what we are here for. We understand the nuances of the trade and coupled up with fresh ideas, we can make your wedding the talk of the town and for all the right reasons.

For any further information contact us at +91-9990276262 or drop us a mail at info@memorableindianweddings.com.

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