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Asian Indian Wedding Photographer Featured on memorableindianweddings (14)

Female Asian Indian Wedding Photographer and her love for weddings

I met Bhavna Pandya Baratt through wedding forums and was impressed with her work, shots, her detailed and vast experience on linkedin and her website. Her introduction is all about her love for photography; if this sounds quite cliche to you; wait, she works under the name of Upendo Images and Upendo means love. What …

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All your queries answered about planning a destination wedding

When you start planning for a Destination Wedding, you are loaded with so many queries, ideas, options, inputs and so on. We were featured for expert advise on Weddingsonline.in FAQs on Destination Weddings. Q 1 – What is this term Destination Wedding all about ? Sunaina – It just like taking a mini vacation and inviting your …

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Wedding Invitations – Offbeat ones

The first official step one does for announcing a wedding is through wedding invitation. In india, wedding invitations are although more important and reflects the theme, personality of the family or couple. Some love boxed invitations, some keep it simple, and some combine it with return gift as well. Whatever is the option, we Indians …

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Looking for Gift favours for weddings, Bruijn is the your stopby

You have got your wedding invitations placed and now wondering what to be put in them to make them even more unique to impress your guests. Now a days people are looking All in One boxes. They want to give something of everything to there guests. What about have few pieces of chocolates, few silver …

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Pinterest and Wedding Planning

​Now a days the first question my florist asks me is – the decor will be traditional or contemporary.; cake designer asks modern or vintage, tent person asks – Over the Top of Minimalsitic. The events and especially weddings in India are not just the events any more, they are the expression of bride and …

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Relive the Rajputana grandeur in a Khandela Haveli at Jaipur

The 2000 year old signature Khandela architecture can be evidently seen at The Khandela Haveli that bears an exquisite reminder of the bygone era. Relive the Rajputana grandeur at the rooms and suites that are well-decorated and feature all the modern facilities. The Haveli has opened 22 of its richly decorated rooms offering a luxurious …

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Make up by Chandni Singh4

Making the world look lovely – Chandni Singh

Chandni Singh, yes she is one of our favourite make up artist, and yes she has recently started her own academy where she conducts professional and personal make up courses. Chandni boasts of having worked with the best professionals in the country on advertising campaigns, fashions shoots , editorials & her USP is bridal & …

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Weddings Forum Weddings Online

India’s new online wedding community Weddingsonline.in

While we love forums but when we talk about weddings forums, we were not able to find one for indian weddings. And then we stumbled upon Weddingsonline.in which is sister site of Ireland’s most popular wedding website Weddingsonline.ie     With their lively forums, online wedding directory, competitions and daily tips and advice on everything from …

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Wedding Blogs we Love for inspirations and ideas

Here’s giving a shout out to the sites we love!   Maharani Weddings   For everything Wedding, we absolutely adore the vast collection of Real Indian Wedding this site features. Marigold Events  A great site for those seeking inspiration to tie the knot the traditional Indian way. Great ideas, that are creative and simple and with …

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Why hire a wedding planner

why should you hire a wedding planner

A wedding and especially an Indian Wedding is the most elaborate event to organize, it is not a corporate event wherein you could take a package and everything is in place. It is a social event involving bride, groom, their families, relatives and other guests. Everyone has different requirements, taste, point of view, perception. Most …

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Devigarh Wedding Destination in Udaipur (7) (1)

Devigarh – Wedding Destination in Udaipur

“RAAS Devi Garh is more than beautiful, it is inspiring.” British model-actress Liz Hurley had put RAAS Devigarh on the front pages of the world’s press in February 2007 when it became the central venue for her wedding entourage as it toured India.  Though she and her NRI boyfriend Arun Nayar tied the knot in …

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Wedding Websites – The New Online Trend

Today, we are lucky to witness the exciting confluence of technology and something as traditional as a wedding. ‘Wedding Website’ or ‘Wedsites’ (as we call them) is a revolutionary trend in the online Wedding scenario right now. It is a beautiful way to track a couple’s journey right from when they first met to the …

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Destination Wedding in Italy

Fascinating History, Mesmerising Scenery, Enchanting Cities and full of romance – Italy.   Its heritage, art, delicious cuisine, trendy fashions, wine, and beautiful coasts, lakes and mountains makes it the next romantic wedding destination for Indians. There are many cities in Italy to get married and one of them is TUSCANY which offers a myriad …

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As they call themselves ‘Shaadigrapher’

If you have ever browsed through few traditional wedding albums, you must have noticed how boring, monotonous and similar looking most of them are. Standard stage shots. Standard jai-maal shots. Standard (and some times ridiculously posed) dulhan shots. Standard flash light for everything. You get the idea. We are not telling you such standard photography …

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And now its Photozaapki

Our earlier post was on Shaadigrapher, this one is Photozaapki. Both have there names as fusion of English and Hindi words.. Seems, fusion is the next trend in brand names.                                         And did you notices the …

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