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5 Point Checklist to Plan a Destination Wedding in Andaman

  Intimate weddings in an exotic locale are the kind of weddings that find resonance with many of us these days. It’s unlike the conventional big fat weddings but by all means it is special and snug and something that is extension of who we are. If the upper limit of your guest list is …

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7 Destination Wedding Invitations Featured

7 Destination Wedding Invitation Ideas to get you inspired

Wedding invitations set the tone for your wedding and if you are planning a destination wedding where you want your guests to have a rather special experience, you want to give due attention to the wedding invitations. It is the first step toward that exceptional experience. You want to have a Save-The-Date that is not …

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Photographs that will make you say yes to the Destination Weddings

List of Top 20 Destination Wedding Photo-shots to get Inspired

We can’t freeze time but thank heavens for photographs that we can capture moments and relive them as many times. Weddings are such defining and happy moments of our lives that if given a choice some might even want to freeze them forever. Wedding photographs are beautiful, true but then again Destination Wedding Photographs are …

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9 reasons why you should plan a destination wedding

9 reasons why you should plan a destination wedding

When the whole wedding planning stuff is going on, typically, amidst all the wedding chores, we are sure (or rather we know) bride and groom must be asking to themselves, why don’t we just elope and tie the knot and not come back for a while! So why should you really elope and do a …

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Devigarh Wedding Destination

5 reasons to plan your Destination Wedding at RAAS Devigarh

RAAS Devi Garh stands on the grounds of the dusty village of Delwara like a true warrior; embracing the new world whilst cloaked in the glorious past. The Fort palace is an enchanting confluence of luxury and heritage. The ancient exteriors are juxtaposed brilliantly with the sophisticated and contemporary interiors. Rimmed by the Aravali hills, the …

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guitar featured image 7 ways to infuse guitar in your wedding

7 ways to infuse guitar love in your wedding

[Tweet ““Sometimes the nicest thing to do with a guitar is just look at it’’ – Thom Yorke“] If that’s how much you love guitar, then why not incorporate that love in your wedding too. Reflect your love for guitar on your special day with these ideas. You can get as creative as you like, …

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Backwater Weddings in Kerala Kumarakom

Our Pick of Best Wedding Hotels in Kumarakom, Kerala

Kumarakom The first rendezvous with any city is with its airport and it sets the tone for the rest of it. The intelligent city, Kerala has got that part sorted. The Kochi airport has a signature Kerala architecture that exudes warmth to the ambience, giving its weary traveler a hearty welcome. And the journey onward …

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wedding blog

Wedding blogs for every bride to swear by!

As much as we love planning weddings, we also love reading wedding stories and scrolling through photo albums. So we thought of sharing our list of treasured wedding blogs (in no particular order) with you guys. So curl up in your sofa and get a cup of hot chocolate and log in to the beautiful …

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Sri Lanka Best Wedding Hotels.jpg

Our pick of 5 Wedding hotels in Sri Lanka

Rummaging through the hotel lists for your wedding in Sri Lanka. We understand it can be an overwhelming task. Reviews at time can be confusing and let’s not talk about the photo shop pictures. But hey we are here to your rescue. Here’s presenting you a list of five very special hotels in Sri Lanka. …

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Image Credit – Morvi Images

Rock your mehendi evening like a diva with chic floral jewellery

We all love flowers and while browsing through Pinterest, stumbled upon Floral Jewellery Board and could not wait to create one and pin a few of them. That’s how addictive it can get so we definitely understand your fascination with it. Well floral jewellery has always been there in Indian weddings but the trend picked …

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udaipur best luxury wedding hotels.jpg

Luxurious Hotels for Royal Wedding in Udaipur

Take a deep whiff of air in Udaipur, for it reeks of romance. Set amidst the Aravalli range, Udaipur is known for its quaint lakes. Its many gardens are soothing retreats to the desert city. The grandeur and beauty of its palaces and forts and temples soak you in, taking you back to the illustrious Rajputana …

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Imagine getting hitched at Anantara Bophut Koh Samui

Get bowled over by Thai charm & hospitality at Anantara Bophut Koh Smui Resort & Spa There’s something innately loving and reassuring about Thailand, that the weary traveler finds himself drawn to the tropical island. Just lying on a hammock tied to coconut trees, overlooking the fragrant blue waters, soaking sun, birds singing, and all your worries …

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7 Fun Ideas for your Wedding

Super Awesome-ize your wedding with these fun and cool ideas   Selfie Station   Yes we love taking selfies, why not set up a selfie station for your wedding. Your guests will throng there.   Video Booth   Kick up a notch your wedding with a video booth. Have your guests leave you well wishes …

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Alsisar Mahal

Rustic and Regal – Alsisar Mahal, Shekhawati

The town of Alsisar lies in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. Shekhawati lies inside the triangle made by three cities Bikaner, Jaipur and Delhi. Essentially it is a small desert region of northern Rajasthan. Quite rightly noted and celebrated for its rich heritage, colour and admirable architecture, it is full of fresco paintings, therefore also …

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Real Wedding in Goa featured on Memorable Indian Weddings - Preeti and Lionel

Real Wedding – Preeti and Lionel

When theme of the wedding is to have a bit of laugh and a bit more of drinks, you know it is headed towards craziness. The madness and love are the recurrent emotions in almost all the pictures. Rahul de Cunha who is pretty damn good with taking real and candid shots floored us with …

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Amanbagh Wedding Destination Luxury Hotels in Alwar Rajasthan (9)

Amanbagh – The Modern Day ‘Mughal Palace’

If Mughals were to create a modern day palace in Jaipur, chances are it would look like Amanbagh. Its marvel lies in how unassumingly it celebrates palatial luxury. Rose tinted marble and walls, high ceilings, domed cupolas, graceful columns and shaded courtyards soak you in a bubble of tranquility right away. Lined with palm and …

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Preston Bailey

Lust After Celebrity Wedding Destinations

Who doesn’t love destination weddings. And that’s specially right for our favourite celebs. When it comes to their D-day see where few of the globe- trotting celebrities have chosen to say ‘I do.’ ITALY Italy is a hot favourite with many celebs and that would have hardly come by as a surprise!   George Clooney …

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Makeup hacks for the brides-to-be by Tejasvini Chander

Having trained at the London College Of Fashion, Tejasvini Chander learnt to create beauty that looks effortless and not at all overpowering. She finds incredible joy in helping women feel like a new and improved version of themselves, whether it’s through her writing, wonderful youtube video tutorials, makeup on special occasions or workshops. We prodded …

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Anands in Himalayas

Ananda – an amalgamation of Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta

Ananda in the Himalayas, a destination spa, is an amalgamation of Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta wellness regimes, located in the enchanting surroundings of majestic Himalayas with river Ganga caressing its way through. It is a second name to the luxurious spa treatments. The remarkable landscape of this place is simply enchanting. We could literally go …

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Surabhi and Mohit – Krabi

It was Mohit’s birthday and they thought it would be perfect day for their engagement. Making it even more special! Mohit’s sister Urvashi was our one point contact and she was absolutely clear on the destination: Krabi. It enormously helped us as we were focusing all our energies on one destination and not many for …

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Ming and Nick – Kerala

Delightful Potpourri of Chinese, Indian and Catholic Cultures. This is the sweet wedding tale of Mingzhnag Zeng and Nicholas Doray who met eight years ago at the university. Their proposal story is also quite cute. Nick took Ming for a walk on an early Saturday morning to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in New York and …

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Nikki and Steve – Goa

Here’s the thing, whether we admit or not, we all have our favorites, Nikki and Steve are ours. That doesn’t a tad bit imply others aren’t but then again a few are closer to your heart. They are the loveliest couple we have met. It was such a delight to meet and know them. We …

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