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Planning an Overseas Wedding

A Destination Wedding!

For so many reasons, it is an option that exudes exoticness, romance and intimacy; especially if you are planning to either have a very private wedding ceremony or a small wedding party. However, contrary to some people’s assumption, having a wedding overseas doesn’t necessarily mean that you will save on costs. The good news is that if you have a plan in place, you can definitely end up spending a significantly less amount of money.

If you’d like some tips on how to plan an overseas wedding, we have three tips that will take quite a bit of stress out of the “getting ready for your special day” process below:

Planning A Destination Wedding in India (2)


1. Explore more than one destination.

Unless you’ve dreamed of getting married in Hawaii since you were a little girl, we recommend that you don’t limit yourself to only one destination. There are a lot of reasons why but one of the main ones is that basically every country in the world has what is known as “on season” and “off season” for travel. This means that getting married on the beach in Jamaica in July may cost one amount while getting married on the beach in Maui in September may cost something entirely different. In other words, focus more on the theme than the actual destination and then look for a few different places that fit the bill.

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2. Use a wedding planner.

Honestly, thanks to the internet, you can do a lot of the travel and wedding planning on your own, but being that you’ll already have a million things on your mind, for something as important as this, it’s best to go with a wedding planner. Not only can they handle all of the travel, lodging, wedding arrangements details for you, but most tend to have relationships with airlines, hotels, photographers, make-up artists and decorators etc. so that you can get a really good rate on all of your wedding expenses.

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3. Try and book your honeymoon in the same spot.

A lot of people are so excited to get married overseas that they don’t put too much thought into honeymooning for several days in the same location, but this can be a really smart move. Obviously, it will save you money on travelling costs but often times, your travel agent can also get you an all-inclusive package that includes lodging and sometimes even food and entertainment.

Planning A Destination Wedding in India


So, as you’re planning your wedding day overseas, consider selecting a place that has a lot of sightseeing options too. That way, you can look back on a place like India, Greece, Italy as not just the place where you said your wedding vows but where you began your life as husband and wife too!


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