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The ancient heritage of Rohetgarh has remained unadulterated, in fact efforts have been made to enhance and restore the beauty of this garh, without diluting its ancestral majesty. Converted into a heritage hotel, Rohetgarh is perfect for those who love challenging the wild.

Experience pomp of the bygone era with a touch of modern amenities at the hotel’s thirty four rooms that are adorned with rich fabrics, paintings, frescos and color scheme and is replete with all the facilities.

Famous for its flagship safari programs the Rohetgarh safari takes guests to village excursions, royal picnics, equestrian program and bird watching sessions. You can also try your hands at the culinary workshop where guests are taught about the different traditional cuisines.

One of the best times to visit the garh of if you are seeking to tie the knot at Rohetgarh, then make sure to schedule it around the time of Gangaur. The festival is celebrated with unmatched zeal and festivity, which has the entire locality involved. A coming together of devotion and vibrancy, the festival of Gangaur is not to be missed.

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